Duration: 45 mins

Clarabridge Engage

Travel can be stressful. No one knows that better than the Transportation Security Administration, better known as TSA. To minimize that stress, TSA has undertaken a customer-focused social media strategy to proactively share travel tips and breaking news with travelers before they reach the airport.

With Clarabridge Engage, TSA is able to implement their social strategy effectively and efficiently so that they can be proactive on customers’ experiences and employee performance before, during, and after travel.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • How Clarabridge Engage enables TSA to track employee performance and create better customer experiences
  • How deep social listening in Clarabridge Engage lets TSA monitor its brand reputation and presence across social media
  • What smarter, better, faster digital customer care means for realizing social strategies


Featured Speaker:

Janis Burl
Social Media Manager
Transportation Security Administration


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