Duration: 45 Minutes

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The Undeniable Impact of Reviews on CX WebinarWhen was the last time you bought anything without reading a review or getting a recommendation from a friend? The vast majority of consumers will look online at a business or product review before buying anything. Ignoring the impact of reviews on your digital customer experience (CX) is like burning money in the street. Clarabridge Engage is here to help.

In this webinar, Clarabridge product experts sit on a panel with their customers in the fintech services industry, Earnin, to discuss:

  • What it means to manage reviews and why you should manage them
  • How reviews can make a positive impact on CX and your company’s bottom line
  • What to look for in solutions to manage reviews and enhance the digital customer experience

Featured Speakers

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Vallory Grant
Manager of CX Social Media

Vallory is a CX content and communication specialist for Earnin. She works closely with the CX social media and app reviews teams to ensure support issues are met and addressed across all of Earnin’s social media platforms and active groups.



Earnin LogoChristian “Chad” Andaya and Gjinky Mahusay
Social Media Team Leads

Chad and Gjinky are social media team leads for Earnin’s support partners located in the Philippines known as ECE. Together they lead a team of seventeen social media community advocates. Chad is also the team lead for ECE’s four person app review team and was instrumental in onboarding Earnin/ECE to Clarabridge’s app review tool.


New Clarabridge Circle LogoAndrew Davis
Vice President of Sales and Worldwide Account Development, Clarabridge

Andy has been leading go-to-market efforts for Engage for over 6 years and has worked with thousands of organizations on social media management and online reputation management projects.



New Clarabridge Circle LogoMaria Finn
Senior Customer Success Manager, Clarabridge

Maria is a Senior Customer Success Manager with Engage. She has been at Clarabridge for 6 years. She primarily works with Enterprise Engage customers in North America, from training and setting up their accounts, to working with them implementing new features, and maintaining the overall relationship of the accounts. Prior to joining Clarabridge, Maria was a Sales Manager for an internet analytics and data company. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her family and friends.


New Clarabridge Circle LogoCandace Cross
Customer Success Manager, Clarabridge

Candace is a Customer Success Manager for Clarabridge Engage. She has been with Clarabridge since 2016 and started with our sales organization before transitioning to our services team. Candace loves to help our new and existing customers with training & onboarding and to discuss best practices in the Digital Customer Service Industry. She is based in Dallas, TX but works with a number of our customers across North America.


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