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Natural Language Understanding

Customer experience data is everywhere: phone calls, agent notes, online reviews, social engagement, chat messages, emails, and surveys. Unleash the power of text analytics to explore all of these interactions. Learn what customers want, need, find frustrating, why they contact you, and how they feel about your brand.

Basic NLP is not going to cut it. To really understand what matters to your customers, you need exceptional natural language understanding (NLU). Download this white paper to learn why Clarabridge is the industry’s recognized leader in Text Analytics for Customer Experience.

Topics covered in this whitepaper:

  • Primer on NLP and the importance of AI-powered NLU enrichments
  • The 3 E’s: Empathy, Emotions, Effort
  • Why Are Customers Calling? Reason and Intent Detection
  • Was the Problem Resolved? Predictive Resolution
  • Practical application of NLU and text analytics in your business

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