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Every company strives to deliver an outstanding customer experience; however, it isn’t until a company uses consumer insights to improve its CX that true growth happens.

Watch this webinar to learn how Electrolux is using consumer insights derived from operational data to inform strategic planning throughout the company and become a VoC transformer. By investing in big data text analytics and NLP, the company is turning data into actionable insights.

Follow Electrolux in its journey to become more consumer-centric, increase consumer advocacy and use consumer insights to deliver an outstanding consumer experience.

Featured Speaker:

Monika Tornérhielm

Consumer Experience Insights (CXI) Manager, Electrolux

Monika Tornérhielm is the Consumer Experience Insights (CXI) Manager for Electrolux. She has over 20 years of experience in retail, finance, telecommunications, software and public sector in both Europe and the United States. Currently she is managing the Voice of the Consumer program at Electrolux and is aligning and driving change within the company.


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