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WhatsApp is continuing to extend its customer service capabilities by allowing businesses to directly communicate with customers. As one of the first business solution providers for WhatsApp, Clarabridge is proud to provide enhanced support that will help businesses better serve their customers.

But what exactly does this mean for average customers and their day-to-day communication? How will this advanced support help create a better customer experience?

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why brands and institutions should be active on WhatsApp
  • How they can benefit from adding multiple messaging platforms to service channels
  • How to get started and implement this new functionality

Featured Speaker:

Dimitri Callens

Director of Product Management

Dimitri Callens is a co-founder of Engagor, now Clarabridge Engage. He previously held the position of VP of Customer Success where he built the global Customer Success team from the ground up. He has recently moved into the new role that speaks to his true passion; as Director of Product Management, he works alongside the Clarabridge Engage R&D, Customer Support, and Customer Success teams. It’s his mission to stay in close touch with customers and listen to their needs, and ultimately, play a key role in enhancing the Clarabridge Engage platform.


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