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Landing page banner image. Iconography of gears turning.This winter, we are excited to introduce several exciting innovations as part of our latest product release. This release features updates and enhancements to our Automated Narratives, data connectors, conversational analytics, and digital experience capabilities. During the session, we will also discuss some new branding and UI changes and updates on our integration with Qualtrics.

Watch our winter release webinar to learn how our recent product updates will help you elevate your customer experience. New features include:

  • Automated Narratives
    Summarize conversations into concise narratives that replace agent notes to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Use post-call templates to ensure summaries are accurate and consistent, and easily add them to CRM system records.
  • New Data Connectors
    Leverage an expanded omnichannel listening library featuring our latest connector. Directly pull call recordings for voice-to-text processing with the Genesys Cloud Connector.
  • Beta Capability: Conversational Chapters
    Create a framework for the stages of a conversation to quickly pinpoint insights. Segment conversations into chapters such as opening, need, verification, solution, and closing. This capability promotes analysis within or outside of chapters and allows you to filter conversations by chapter to narrow analysis.
  • Flow Condition – Last Customer Message
    Enable Agents to check the content of the last customer message and send the appropriate flow based on its content. Support sales flow based on keywords and skip language selection prompt if language is identified.


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