Review Management in Clarabridge Engage

Clarabridge Engage lets your business manage reviews across a plethora of review sites. Respond to reviews to increase customer loyalty and positively impact sales in one convenient platform. 

Why Respond to Reviews in Engage?

Customers Expect Businesses to Respond to Reviews

94% of consumers expect a brand to answer and respond to negative posts. 89% of customers read businesses’ responses to reviews, and if they don’t see a response from a brand, customer churn increases by 15%.

Businesses That Respond to Reviews See More Revenue

According to Harvard Business Review, for every one-star increase that a business gets on Yelp, they see a 5 – 9% increase in revenue. For businesses that respond to at least one quarter of reviews, they see 35% more revenue.

Engage Puts All Customer Outreach
in One Spot

Efficient message responses can generate thousands to millions of dollars in revenue. Engage’s Inbox puts reviews, social media posts, messages, and all other outreach in one location, so contact centers can respond efficiently. 

Dig Deeper Into Review Management in Engage

Benefits of good reviews blog

A Review Is Worth Its Length in Gold

As consumers, we all want to make wise purchasing decisions. So, how do we ensure we aren’t being ripped off? We study the customer reviews! Online ratings and reviews are a powerful engine companies can use to build their brand, generate revenue, and boost customer loyalty.

Check Out the Datasheet

Engage for Ratings and Reviews Datasheet

More and more, digital contact centers are managing reviews for businesses across the world. How can you leverage Engage’s review management capabilities in this shifting environment? How can you generate the most value from your business’ online reviews?

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