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Proven Implementation Framework
From upstart consumer insights teams to large-scale multinational enterprise customer experience programs, Clarabridge partners with you to put the voice of the customer at the center of your business in order to drive results within each CEM-based improvement initiative. Clarabridge’s implementation approach is a proven framework consisting of distinct phases driven from a visioning assessment of our customers’ CEM processes with a commitment to arrive at optimized business and product experiences for your customers.

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Long-Term Success

Clarabridge focuses on program activities on value realization to continuously support your strategic vision. We support you in an ongoing capacity to:

  • Align the evolution to program goals and objectives
  • Develop special projects including root cause analysis initiatives
  • Develop ongoing reporting needs for various teams and organizations
  • Provide Quarterly Business Reviews to optimize and expand the reach of your CEM program

Maximize Business Impact

1. Strategic Vision and Alignment

We begin by assessing your program’s current state and future objectives, and then partner with you to develop a side-by-side roadmap to achieve incremental milestones for your key initiatives.

2. Discovery and Requirements

To optimize your Clarabridge configuration, we formally gather business requirements identifying key customer segments and their respective journeys to measure your customer relationships and interactions.

3. Implementation Plan and Configuration

We align with you on a joint implementation plan and show you how structured and unstructured customer feedback data can be visualized by customizing industry-specific categorization models and sentiment packs.

4. Feedback Sources

We architect the technical components of each solution by automating your feedback sources into the Clarabridge platform. Through a variety of data integration techniques, we design and implement each component with a focus on how end users will act on the insights in the data.

5. Insights Distribution and Governance

To enable your business partners to understand how they can view insights on a regular basis and analyze key drivers of customer sentiment, reporting frameworks are designed and automatically deployed throughout your organization from executives to frontline teams.

6. Enablement

It’s critical to understand how key stakeholders are empowered to  act on customer insights and integrate them into existing operations. Exposing stakeholders to the platform capabilities early and discussing how to support their specific needs will help drive adoption.

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