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 From basic set-up to advanced uses of the solution, Clarabridge University offers all the training you need to be successful.

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Clarabridge University equips you to get the most benefit from our solution, teaching you what you need to know at just the time you need to know it. We recommend face-to-face sessions for new customers, while virtual sessions are great for tuning up your knowledge, diving deeper into specific topics, or getting new employees up to speed on the Clarabridge platform.

For the best learning experience, we recommend taking your training in phase with your implementation.

Fundamentals of Clarabridge

1 hour, eLearning Virtual Recording

Course Goal: Fundamentals of Clarabridge is a high-level introduction to the entire Intelligent Customer Experience process, from choosing listening posts to analyze, through deciding on a categorization strategy and tuning sentiment, to discovering insights and distributing the information to the right people at the right time. Suitable for all audiences, it is the perfect introduction to the Clarabridge Implementation process and is a pre-requisite for more advanced courses.

Who Should Attend: All team members for a Clarabridge implementation project.

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Introduction to Dashboards in CX Studio

Course Goal: This 2 hour session introduces the basics of creating and editing dashboards in CX Studio. Required for all audiences, it is the perfect introduction to Clarabridge Reporting using Dashboards in CX Studio.

Who Should Attend: All team members for a Clarabridge implementation project.

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Implementing Clarabridge Analyze

Course Goal: This 2-hour session provides a brief overview of the Clarabridge Intelligence Platform, data processing considerations, and best practices.

Who Should Attend: Everyone involved in making project design decisions or participating in the kick-off and data loading phases of an implementation.

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Basic Categorization Skills

Course Goal: Learn primary steps in building category models.
Who Should Attend:Analyst who will need to understand the basic concepts and process of categorization, assist in the model building, and edit/maintain categories.

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Advanced Categorization Modeling Skills

Course Goal: Learn advanced concepts and tricks for building category models.
Who Should Attend: Power analysts who will be responsible for building complete category models, assisting others who are building models, or users who will be the primary analyst at his/her company.

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Reading & Understanding Sentiment

Course Goal: Develop a clear understanding of sentiment functionality and score interpretations.
Who Should Attend: Analysts who may or may not need to actually alter sentiment, but rather need an understanding of how sentiment functions and how to identify potential issues accurately.

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Tuning Sentiment

Course Goal: Learn detailed practices of tuning sentiment in Clarabridge.
Who Should Attend: Power Analysts who will be conducting the initial sentiment tuning within a project as well as those who are responsible for maintaining the sentiment within a project.

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Construct Actionable Insights with CX Studio

Course Goal: Learn to package, monitor, and distribute insights with CX Studio.

Who Should Attend: This course is meant for data analysts who will be responsible for creating, maintaining, and distributing analysis to stakeholders on a regular basis.

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Discover Insights through CX Studio Methodology and Framework

Course Goal: Learn how to review and analyze various types of business questions in dashboards that are shared with users using CX Studio (as View Only Users).

Who Should Attend: Stakeholders and users (view access only to CX Studio) who need to review and analyze dashboards that have been shared with these users.

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Case Management

1.5 hour, eLearning Virtual Recording

Course Goal: Understand Case Management in Clarabridge, identify the overall process of how to capture and process cases and learn the importance of identifying use cases for configuration. Learn the process of handling cases in the Clarabridge console inbox, focusing on possible actions by a Customer Care Agent to close the loop with the customer. Review Customer Case Manager’s out of the box dashboards to analyze SLA performance targets. Learn the configuration steps for setting up Case Management in CX Designer, CX Studio and Case Management Account Settings.

Who Should Attend: Customer Care Agents, Managers of Care Agents and Administrators of Case Management in Clarabridge.

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Training for Advanced Users

Enhancing & Analyzing Social Media Data in Clarabridge

Course Goal: Learn advanced techniques for enhancing social media data analysis.

Who Should attend: Experienced Clarabridge users who are working with social media data. This course will build on skills learned in the pre-requisite courses and highlight those most important for social media analysis.

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Language Capabilities of Clarabridge

Course Goal: Learn to configure and use Clarabridge for multiple language analysis.

Who Should Attend: Analysts who will be working with Clarabridge in multiple languages.

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Partner Training

Business Analyst Certification

Course Goal: To give partners and customers the skills to deliver insights to their stakeholders using the Clarabridge CEM platform. This is accomplished through CBU Core Curriculum, 1:1 sessions, use cases, a final exam, and a presentation.

Who Should Attend: Partners and Customers of Clarabridge who hold an Analyst role or skill set.

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