Travel Daily Snapshot

Daily analysis showing the top topics of conversation in the Travel industry, with an overall assessment of sentiment, emotions and emotional intensity expressed by Twitter users in our data set.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Clarabridge Social Pulse series is based on a representative sample of aggregated social data consisting mainly of curated Twitter data pulls related to COVID-19 and various topics and trending hashtags related to the pandemic. This raw data was processed through the Clarabridge Analytics platform in order to produce the different visualizations and insights on this series. Clarabridge models used for this analysis include industry specific templates, emotions models, and a World Health Organization framework for managing epidemics model. Metrics displayed (Sentiment and Emotional Intensity) are proprietary to Clarabridge.

For more information on this data or if you would like to implement your own COVID-19 Social Pulse using Clarabridge please reach out to:

About the Clarabridge COVID-19 Command Center


Clarabridge has built a COVID-19 information center to assist our customers, those actively entrenched in the customer experience industry, and the public. We are working across our client base to share dashboards, industry model templates and best practices. The Clarabridge Command Center is where you will find all up-to-the minute resources related to these efforts.

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