Global Brands Choose Clarabridge as
Their 'One-Stop' Customer Experience Solution

Clarabridge has customers in many different industries, including hospitality, telecommunications, retail, airline/transportation, technology, and many more. Over 130 out-of-the-box industry templates and categorization models enable fast time to value.


Banking & Financial Institutions

The Clarabridge Banking Solution applies industry expertise, relevant KPIs and industry models, and pre-packaged dashboards to help banks and financial institutions discover insights that are relevant to numerous functions throughout their organizations.

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Clarabridge Healthcare & Insurance Provider

Healthcare & Insurance Providers

Whether researching plans or leveraging a service, members are forming opinions and offering feedback that health insurance companies need to consider when making strategic decisions. Clarabridge provides these companies with a way to comprehensively analyze brand perception, member experience feedback, and complaints data to prioritize member care while simultaneously creating high business value.

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Consumer Goods

With Clarabridge, consumer goods companies can listen to and understand feedback across consumer interaction points so that they can identify unmet needs or aspirations to drive product innovation, increase retail sales, reduce operational costs, improve consumer experience, and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.

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Clarabridge for Leading Brands

Listen to and act on customer feedback, and watch your business thrive.

Improving contact center efficiency at a large health insurance provider

Clarabridge has helped a major healthcare provider to identify customer pain points, conduct omni-channel analysis across contact center sources, improve call deflection, and reduce high-effort experiences on its website.

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Orbitz Becomes #1 Travel Site in Overall Customer Satisfaction

Clarabridge has helped Orbitz gain global insights, connect customer satisfaction to customer value, act on major dissatisfiers, and streamline processes such as online ticket exchange.

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KitchenAid Improves Speed of Response & Digital Engagement Growth

KitchenAid needed a solution to unify and improve social media management; accelerate speed and quality of responses to customers; and deliver actionable insights related to product design, staffing needs, and global expansion.

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“With Clarabridge Engage, we can be faster with our product development team and tell them ‘this is what the market needs’ or ‘consumers are looking for this’ and then go ahead and do it.”

David Moreno, Social Media Manager, KitchenAid

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