Clarabridge for the Contact Center

The Clarabridge Contact Center solution integrates the contact center channels (calls, emails, and chats) with other interaction and feedback sources (social data, surveys, ratings, and reviews) to go beyond traditional speech analytics and expand the voice of the customer. Tap into rich data sources such as calls, emails, and chats to uncover ways to improve operational efficiency and your overall customer experience.

Omni-Channel Analytics

With a speech to text approach and 50+ data connectors, we are the #1 text analytics solution to mine your data

Out-of-the-Box Sentiment & Effort

Overlay analysis on all your unstructured feedback and go beyond simple categorization and tagging

Fastest Time to Value

Pre-built taxonomies for your business, with 10x faster query building and machine-learning-based theme detection 

The Clarabridge Solution for Contact Center

Clarabridge offers a superior cloud-based platform for cross-channel contact center analytics, automated quality and compliance management, and enterprise-grade digital customer service. We capture and analyze 100% of the human and bot interactions occurring within your contact center every day, with insights and automation solutions that can help you save 20% of your operational costs.

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Call Length Reduction & Deflection

Improve average handle time, reduce transfer rates, and achieve first call resolution.

Agent Performance & Quality Monitoring

Auto-curated coaching opportunities, agent quality and performance rubrics, and script monitoring.

Complaints & Compliance Management

Ensure disclosures and verifications to reduce risk, and analyze root cause of call drivers. 

Digital Experience/Performance

Identify self-service opportunities to reduce call volume and route for workflow and moderation of cases.

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