Clarabridge for Consumer Goods

Whether the data comes from a consumer doing product research, making an in-store purchase, or writing an online review, it’s important to evaluate feedback throughout every phase of the customer journey. Clarabridge helps consumer goods companies evaluate performance of products, monitor inventory, track competitor products, and measure seasonal trends in order to improve overall customer experience.

Improve Product Quality & Research and Development
Optimize the Digital Experience
Track Brand Equity, Identity, and Crisis Management

The Clarabridge Solution for Consumer Goods

Digital Experience

Evaluate and improve account setup, checkout and payment processing, and availability of product information.

Product Quality

Track customer service escalations, product features or defects, availability of product instructions, or issues with packaging/unboxing.

Product Research & Development

Understand and evaluate product defect or feature (by product category), and product defect or feature (by competitive analysis).

Crisis Management

Inform executive escalations, or identify health hazards and legal actions. Inform compliance with local laws or other cultural considerations.

Brand Equity & Identity

Drive improvements to consumer lifestyle perception (market-based persona trends), consumer perception of brand quality or of product value (premium vs. budget).

Contact Center

Identify call drivers; understand the impact of first call resolution; monitor agent performance for courtesy, empathy, compliance, and friendliness to ensure quality.

Successful Customers in Consumer Goods


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