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Clarabridge for Financial Institutions

Clarabridge for Financial Institutions

Changing customer expectations, high competition and new technology are making customer experience (CX) a top priority for many financial services institutions (FSI). By integrating feedback from across data sources and using insights to optimize CX touchpoints across an organization, these companies can build consumer trust and deliver the convenience, accessibility and flexibility that today’s customers demand.

Analytics for Optimizing Infrastructure

Clarabridge helps financial services institutions integrate data from calls, chats, emails, social media, ratings and reviews, online forums, surveys and complaints to uncover feedback and insights, minimize risk, drive operational efficiency and foster customer loyalty.

Up arrow iconExcel at Customer Experience:
Establish customer care as a differentiator by identifying emerging feedback trends, pinpointing the root cause of issues and developing data-driven responses.

Thumbs up iconImprove Digital Experience:
Share helpful product information and offer user-friendly self-service options. Quickly identify sources of confusion and address issues to deflect volume from the contact center and realize significant cost savings.

Clock iconOptimize Branch Locations:
Optimize the effectiveness of in-person experiences and monitor feedback regarding staff knowledge, cleanliness and more. Compare store performance across regions to establish benchmarks and drive consistency. 

call center iconIncrease Contact Center Efficiency:
Identify primary call drivers and use those insights to improve online resources, reduce contact volume, equip customer care reps and inform improvements across your organization. 

magnifying glass iconManage Complaints and Maintain Compliance:
Flag customer concerns and proactively address issues before they become formal complaints. Dedicate resources based on compliance risk severity and identify drivers of dissatisfaction before they escalate.

computer monitor iconHope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst:
Prepare your organization for the unpredictable by continuously leveraging customer experience metrics, insights, and alerts to understand the impact of events, programs and policies during uncertain times.

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Successful Customers in Financial Services

Clarabridge works with the world’s leading financial services institutions. Join them today.

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The Clarabridge Solution

Leverage comprehensive customer insights to improve customer experience, drive digital transformation, optimize branch locations, minimize risk and optimize operational efficiency across your organization.

Omnichannel Analytics for Highly Accurate Insights

Clarabridge collects data from 100% of your customer feedback channels including calls, chats, emails, social media, ratings and reviews, online forums, surveys and complaints to uncover deep insights that transcend data silos and provide a greater understanding of customer interactions.

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Tailored Insights for Financial Services Institutions

Extensive industry expertise and a world-class analytics platform enable Clarabridge to identify customer pain points, facilitate the shift to digital, and understand the impact of new programs at a time when CX is more important than ever.

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Filter Feedback by Category to Inform Data-Driven Decisions

From investigating the nuances of digital experience such as account applications, error messages or multiple password attempts to monitoring contact center experience KPIs such as wait times and issue resolution, our platform helps companies understand why customers are having a positive or negative experience.

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Break Down Data Silos and Prepare to Handle Any Situation

The high stakes nature of financial decisions means that financial services institutions encounter the highest expectations for security, functionality and customer service.  Clarabridge helps organizations set themselves up for success just in case things don’t go according to plan.

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