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Clarabridge for Health Insurance

Clarabridge for Health Insurance

When it comes to delivering value in key business areas, Clarabridge offers a differentiated level of accuracy, granularity and actionability. Learn more about how we identify insights more effectively than anyone.

Clarabridge Helps Health Insurance Companies

Clarabridge aggregates all member feedback data (CAHPS surveys, contact center interactions, online ratings and reviews, and more). Using AI-powered text analytics, we reveal actionable insights about the consumer experience and member journey that can help insurance companies:

magnifying glass iconMake Decisions Based
Accurate Insights
Our fully integrated,
omnichannel solution
analyzes multiple sources
of data and provides users
with a single view of the truth.


Obtain granular insights
into the factors that
substantiate a population’s
health and quantify risk to
determine projected costs of
care and program payments.

Clarabridge monitors every
interaction to ensure regulations
are met and alerts users about
emerging trends such as
spikes in complaints volume.


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Profit Margins
Clarabridge monitors every
interaction to ensure regulations
are met and alerts users about
emerging trends such as spikes
in complaints volume.

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Member Satisfaction
Measure sentiment, effort and emotion to gain deep insight into the member experience and design engagement opportunities to earn loyalty and improve CAHPS results.


CAHPS Results
Knowledge about how to improve CAHPS results exists not in the survey itself but in the analysis of multiple data sources. Make strategic improvements by taking a comprehensive approach.

Folder icon

Gain Leverage in
Provider Negotiations
Learn how customers really feel
about elements such as pricing,
services covered, and network size
and prioritize items that will have
the greatest impact on retention.


increasing trend iconFuel Growth of
Group & Employer Plans
Use insights to support
member empowerment and
show prospective corporate
partners how a plan supports a
value-based approach to care.

Successful Customers in Healthcare

The world’s leading health insurance companies have chosen the Clarabridge solution because of its unmatched ability to provide value in the areas that matter most.

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The Clarabridge Solution

Understand member and provider experience like never before.
Leverage our world-class text and speech analytics to increase member satisfaction, earn customer loyalty and mitigate the risk of disruption in a changing market. 

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Ingest Data From Every Source

Clarabridge collects data from 100% of your customer feedback and complaint channels such as member calls, provider calls, emails, chat, complaints, surveys, digital forums, social media, blogs and ratings and reviews.

Healthcare facility
Custom Industry Tuning

Clarabridge recognizes that certain words may have different meanings for healthcare than in other industries. Custom industry tuning provides insights that help deliver accurate, relevant information and prevent the skewing of insights.

Digital Trends and Graphs
Advanced Category Models

Leverage industry-specific category models and quickly get insights on topics such as member journey, provider journey, CAHPS, CMS complaints, condition type, pharmacy experience, facility experience and contact center call reason.

Implement Improvements

Clarabridge helps companies close the loop on CX issues both internally and externally. Users can monitor issues as they arise and easily share insights with the relevant department, ensuring that stakeholders are aware of any problems and able to take action.

See Our Health Insurance Solution in Action

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Consumerism in healthcare and a shift toward value-based care indicate that health insurance members expect transparency and knowledge from their coverage providers. To navigate changing member expectations, insurers should focus on the member experience and the elements that impact it.

Clarabridge helps these companies analyze the data that already exists across channels to understand health outcomes, improve member satisfaction, reduce risk, and increase contact center efficiency.

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