Clarabridge for Healthcare

Identify insights that transform the member, provider, and facility experiences.

Improve Key Customer Experience Metrics
Optimize Cost of Care
Ensure Compliance & Reduce Risk

Listen to and Interpret Member Feedback Across Interaction Channels

Whether researching plans or leveraging a service, members are forming opinions and offering feedback that health insurance companies need to consider when making strategic decisions. Clarabridge provides these companies with a way to comprehensively analyze brand perception, member experience feedback, and complaints data to prioritize member care while simultaneously creating high business value.

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Healthcare Industry Use Cases

Member Experience

Organize member information and track interactions and contact drive across their journey. Gain insight into pain points and dissatisfaction.

Provider Experience

Conduct patient, physician, and segmentation analysis alongside complete member journey maps.

Facility Experience

Analyze sentiment by aspects of the facility experience and streamline processes for bottlenecks. Benchmark processes to increase satisfaction.

Digital & Self-Service Opportunities

Enhance interactive voice response (IVR) experience. Map the website journey experience and track channel switching.

Satisfaction Score Predictor & Driver Analysis

Identify FCR scores via both FCR and non-FCR sources, NPS scores via both NPS and non-NPS sources, CAHPS rating for hospitals and providers, and STARS ratings.

Member Effort Management

Investigate call and interaction drivers; evaluate call interaction experience, member emotion, and agent empathy; identify self-service opportunities.

Agent Monitoring & Compliance

Oversee agent performance, call characteristics, and duration. Check agent disposition including accuracy of disposition codes and encourage compliance with scripts.

Cost Reduction & Call Avoidance

Determine conversation topics and drivers and opportunities for call avoidance, and apply topic analysis to understand call transfers including member emotion.

Churn & Risk Analysis

Understand and predict drivers of churn and analyze outreach to churn risk.

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