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Clarabridge for Media and Technology

Clarabridge for Media and Technology

Operating in a highly competitive market, content providers and subscription services must act strategically to maintain market share and reduce customer churn. By monitoring market trends, understanding global customer perspectives and pinpointing customer pain points, providers can rise above the competition, inform expansion efforts and combat subscription fatigue.

Analytics that Offer a Competitive Advantage

Clarabridge helps content providers and subscription services integrate data from calls, chats, emails, social media, ratings and reviews sites, digital communities and surveys to uncover customer attitudes, pinpoint sources of friction, identify competitive insights and drive scalability.

Up arrow iconRise Above the Competition
Gain competitive insights and identify the actions needed to increase market share within a highly competitive environment.


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Create a Seamless User Experience
Categorize feedback by device to quickly identify device-specific issues, prioritize improvements and minimize customer frustration.

badge iconPrioritize Partnerships
Identify which types of devices customers use, and prioritize partnerships that will enable your services to reach more users through integrations with new devices and strategic bundling options.

globe iconAppeal to Global Audiences
Cater to global audiences and inform localization efforts by understanding consumer attitudes, interests and preferences by geographic location. 

upward trend iconSucceed in New Markets
Conduct multilingual analysis of customer sentiment, emotion and effort to understand how content is received in locations across the globe.

smile iconEncourage Customer Retention
Combat subscription fatigue and foster customer loyalty by identifying the content or features that appeal to customers and determining what might be missing from your platform.

The Clarabridge Solution

Integrate data from across channels to better understand the customer experience, combat subscription fatigue,  inform localization and expansion efforts and remain competitive in a highly saturated space.

Understand the Subscriber Experience

Clarabridge collects data from 100% of your customer feedback channels such as calls, chats, emails, social media, ratings and reviews sites, digital communities and surveys to create a comprehensive view of the subscriber experience.

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Tailored Insights for Subscription Services

Leverage our industry expertise and gain the ability to monitor competitor actions, filter feedback by geographic location or organize it by the device each viewer uses to access content. Our capabilities are tailored to your business needs.

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Custom Category Models Dive Deep into the Data

Work with our team to categorize data based on your specific business goals. Build custom topic models for subscriber satisfaction, contact drivers, causes of churn, stages of the customer journey, product features, competitors, viewing device and content popularity.

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Analyze Interactions Across Calls, Chats and More

Analyze the conversations that occur via calls and chat sessions, and fully leverage the data that appears on these channels. Identify top conversation topics and determine the prominence of customer concerns related to streaming, plans, billing and more. 

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