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Clarabridge for Retail
and Consumer Goods

In the age of the informed consumer, readily available product information, an influx of online shopping options and the importance of brand values are shaping purchasing decisions and influencing the way customers engage with retailers and consumer goods companies. As these businesses navigate changing consumer expectations, a deep understanding of the customer experience (CX) drives data-driven decisions that put the customer first. 

Analytics to Drive Loyalty

Clarabridge helps retailers and consumer goods companies integrate data from calls, chats, emails, social media, ratings and reviews, online forums and surveys to reduce friction, drive revenue, increase efficiency and engage consumers.

Excel at eCommerce
Identify digital pain points, drive engagement and encourage sales. Understand the relationship between digital customer experience, purchasing behavior and contact volume to understand the factors driving
customer behavior.


Support Seamless Delivery
Analyze customer feedback related to delays, shipping options, packaging, damaged items and other elements of the delivery process. Monitor problems at scale and inform more effective use of existing logistics software.

Reimagine the Store Experience
Collect feedback about the store experience from cleanliness and staff knowledge to product availability and pricing. Empower frontline employees and track store performance across regions to establish benchmarks
for success.

Manage Merchandising
Leverage section-specific category models to surface feedback on the areas that customers care about from fitting rooms in relation to apparel departments or product availability in connection to grocery sections.

Inform Product Development
Equip R&D teams with feedback about product usability, color preferences, new feature ideas and quality. Filter feedback by product, flag reports of product defects and understand how consumers view competitor products.

Build Your Brand
Promote an authentic brand identity based on a deep understanding of consumer attitudes, beliefs, likes and dislikes. Determine whether your messaging resonates and foster a community of loyal brand advocates.

CPG Retail Ebook


Excelling in the Age of the Educated Consumer

The product-centric business models that used to work for the retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) market are no longer enough to win over the customers of today. This eBook explores six key components of a successful CX program for retail and CPG companies and describes how Clarabridge enables these businesses to optimize their experience.

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The Clarabridge Solution

Leverage granular customer insights to improve customer experience, drive digital transformation, optimize store locations, improve products and build your brand to drive operational efficiency, customer loyalty and revenue.

Omnichannel Analytics for Better Insights

In a world of evolving customer expectations, new shopping channels and consumption patterns, analyze customer feedback from channels including calls, chats, emails, social media, ratings and reviews, online forums and surveys to surface granular insights that put the customer at the center of decision-making.

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Identify Insights that Drive Success

Invest in CX and achieve true growth by leveraging a world-class analytics platform backed by extensive industry experience. Identify sources of friction, support eCommerce and evaluate the impact of new products, programs and policies to meet consumer needs in a post-pandemic world.

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Data-Driven Decisions that Put the Customer First

Whether analyzing aspects of digital experience such as product availability and the checkout process or evaluating the store experience to understand how customers perceive store cleanliness and staff knowledge, Clarabridge helps your company identify the root cause of positive or negative customer feedback.

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Access Unstructured Data with Interaction Analytics

Promote quality customer service by improving agent training and preparing agents to confidently address inquiries from frequently asked questions to new promotions and seasonal offerings. Identify primary contact drivers and fuel improvements across the organization. 

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