September 29, 2010 00:00 AM

Verint® Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) today announced the availability of its new Impact 360® Text Analytics™ solution, part of the growing Customer Interaction Analytics™ portfolio from Verint Witness Actionable Solutions®. This new offering helps forward-looking organizations gain an aggregated and unified view of customer service, experiences and opinions across both direct and indirect customer communications channels. Impact 360 Text Analytics is the latest addition to Verint’s Customer Interaction Analytics portfolio, which includes Impact 360 Speech Analytics and Impact 360 Data Analytics™, along with valuable survey insights derived from the Impact 360 Customer Feedback™ software.

The Actionable Intelligence® provided by Verint’s Customer Interaction Analytics serves as an early warning system that helps surface customer experience, behavior and other dynamic business trends internally before they become widespread via web and social media channels. For any initiative that requires insight to customer sentiment, the solution helps companies gain deep customer understanding by leveraging unified customer data across channels. This provides essential focus groups on demand, as well as customer interaction summaries that present the individual service experience.

“Organizations have never before had the benefit of such timely, multichannel voice of the customer insights,” explains Ran Achituv, senior vice president, customer interaction analytics, Verint Witness Actionable Solutions. “As the market innovator in Customer Interaction Analytics, Verint’s sophisticated capabilities extend across multiple channels of customer interaction. With pre-built workforce optimization business integrations, organizations can capture, analyze and take rapid, informed action to advance their service operations and customer experiences.”

Sentiment and Text Analytics—A Powerful Addition to Customer Interaction Analytics

Today’s organizations are increasingly challenged to collect and act upon the wealth of information derived through their customer communications channels, particularly those that are non-telephone related. Couple the complexities of multichannel customer service operations with traditional enterprise resources that are often unequipped to analyze email, chat, social media channels and web forums, and the need for automated text analytics and the insights it delivers becomes even more pronounced.

Part of Verint’s Customer Interaction Analytics portfolio, Impact 360 Text Analytics mines customer interactions and feedback across multichannel customer communications, including email messages, web chat sessions, blogs, review sites, social media and other text-based channels.

With robust and fully integrated sentiment and text analytics capabilities, Verint’s Impact 360 solution enables customers to extract content using natural language processing for syntax and context to gain a deeper understanding of issues and deliver highly tailored responsesa key advantage in service recovery and customer experience management programs. The software also features a simplified classification, storage and reporting capability by notifying staff and business leaders proactively about unusual and undesired feedback patterns that may pose greater concern, threat and/or exposure.

With Impact 360 Text Analytics, companies can gain a better understanding of customers, competitors and changing market dynamics by mining postings of direct customer interactions. By combining intelligence gathered from text channels with information found in the contact center, branch and back-office operations, organizations can gain a more holistic picture of enterprise customer service, along with insights to drive decisions on processes, product development, marketing campaigns, staffing and more.

The Power of Verint Customer Interaction Analytics

The Verint Customer Interaction Analytics portfolio provides comprehensive, unified interaction analysis across the array of channels customers use when interacting with an organization, as well as when talking/texting about them. Featuring single-point reporting and root cause analysis across multimedia communications, it serves as a powerful tool for identifying emerging customer service trends, along with problem areas and issues, before they become part of mainstream social media and other popular consumer channels. Access to this rapid business insight arms organizations with the intelligence necessary to effectively analyze, understand and take informed action on voice of the customer feedback.

Among the robust capabilities that make up the Verint Customer Interaction Analytics portfolio are Customer Behavior IndicatorsTM that serve as an “early warning system” and proactively analyzes unstructured voice and text data for keywords and phrases, all without direction or bias from the end user. The software’s Customer Interaction Summary provides a historical view of the interactions a customer has had with the respective company, across its text and speech channels, delivering a comprehensive view of the customer experience, while uncovering trends related to buyers’ needs, behaviors and escalations of potential problems across different channels.

The Verint Customer Interaction Analytics portfolio delivers analytics insight that seamlessly integrates with Verint’s next-generation Impact 360 Workforce Optimization™ suite, including native business integrations to workforce performance tools such as dashboards, scorecards, quality monitoring and business process analytics, as well as customer feedback surveys. Such Workforce Optimization Unification enables workflow that delivers data to the persons or groups in an enterprise that are best equipped to manage issues, address specific customer service concerns, or get ahead of negative sentiments in the social media realm.

Verint’s new Impact 360 Text Analytics solution leverages the robust sentiment and text analytics functionality from Clarabridge Inc., a leading provider of sentiment and text analytics software for customer experience management.Verint’s new Impact 360 Text Analytics solution leverages the robust sentiment and text analytics functionality from Clarabridge Inc., a leading provider of sentiment and text analytics software for customer experience management.

About Verint Witness Actionable Solutions

Verint® Witness Actionable Solutions® is the leader in enterprise workforce optimization software and services. Its solutions are designed to help organizations of all sizes capture customer intelligence, uncover business trends, discover the root cause of employee and customer behavior, and optimize the customer experience. From contact centers to remote office, branch and back-office operations, its award-winning, next-generation Impact 360® Workforce Optimization suite is the industry’s most unified solution set—featuring quality monitoring and recording, workforce management, customer interaction analytics (speech analytics, data analytics, text analytics and customer feedback surveys), desktop and process analytics, performance management, eLearning and coaching. Impact 360 helps improve the entire customer service delivery network, powering the right decisions to help ensure service excellence and transform organizations into customer-centric enterprises.

About Clarabridge

Clarabridge is the leading provider of sentiment and text analytics software for customer experience management. Clarabridge provides Global 1000 enterprises with universal views of their customers through automatic collection, classification, sentiment analysis, and reporting on text-based verbatims found in voice of the customer feedback channels. The result is improved marketing, product/service offerings, operations and customer service. Clarabridge customers include AOL, B/E Aerospace, Capital One, Choice Hotels, Expedia, Gaylord Hotels, H&R Block, Intuit, Marriott International, Nissan, QVC, Inc., Sage North America, United Airlines, Walmart, Walgreens, and Wendys International. Clarabridge is privately held with headquarters in Reston, Va. For more information, visit

About Verint Systems Inc.

Verint® Systems Inc. is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence® solutions and value-added services. Our solutions enable organizations of all sizes to make timely and effective decisions to improve enterprise performance and make the world a safer place. More than 10,000 organizations in over 150 countries—including over 80 percent of the Fortune 100—use Verint solutions to capture, distill, and analyze complex and underused information sources, such as voice, video, and unstructured text. Headquartered in Melville, New York, we support our customers around the globe directly and with an extensive network of selling and support partners. Verint is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol “VRNT.” Visit us at our website