We Think About Speech Analytics Differently

Customers call your contact center because they have something to say, and they want to be heard. Are you listening?

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15 Million Calls
Analyzed Per Month

500+ Million Speech
Records Stored Annually

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70% Growth of Ingested
Call DataYear-Over-Year


Speech Analytics for Actionable Insights

At Clarabridge, we don’t see analytics as one thing, but rather a collection of things. More specifically, it’s the collection and integration of People, Process, Technology and Strategy that transforms Data to information, Information to Insight, Insight to Action and Action to Value.

Find the true voice of your customer and dig into the root causes of why they are calling to make meaningful changes and deliver tangible bottom-line value with Clarabridge’s Speech Analytics Solution.

The Clarabridge Difference:

✓ Unmatched Analytics and Scalability
✓ Transcription Vendor Agnostic
✓ Better Transcription Capabilities
✓ Expertise in Navigating Complexities
✓ Proven to Deliver Results

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“Analyzing the thousands of customer conversations from chat and phone calls plays a key role in knowing what our customers are thinking. Clarabridge extracts the topics and emotional tone from these interactions.”

GM Financial

Answer Important Business Questions Like:

✓  Customer Journey Optimization
How can we understand the customer at every touchpoint to simplify and improve the customer journey?

✓  Customer Effort
What processes are driving the highest effort for our customers causing them to call in?

✓  Call Deflection
What types of contacts can be deflected via self-service features?

✓  Agent Performance
What behaviors are determining top and bottom performing agents?

✓  Quality Management
Can we ensure the same level of quality on each contact regardless of the agent conducting the conversation?

✓  First Contact Resolution
What are the contact drivers that agents are unable to resolve on the first contact?

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Optimize Transcripts and Improve Accuracy

You don’t want to analyze call data that isn’t capturing the true (and accurate) voice of the customer.

Only Clarabridge can improve accuracy and optimize call transcripts for NLU analysis to uncover higher-impact areas of opportunity.

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Eliminate Post-Call Work

Time is money and saving up to 15 minutes on post-call work per call adds up quickly.

Automate call dispositioning and eliminate post-call work by automatically creating readable, consistent, contextual, and informative conversation summaries.

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Your Calls, Your Data

Clarabridge connects you with the right partners to get you access to your voice data and optimize it for better insights:

Five9, Red Box, inContact, Aspect, Genesys, Microsoft, Nuance

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