Fall 2020 Product Release


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The Fall 2020 Release of Clarabridge is here, bringing unparalleled capabilities to take your Customer Experience Management to the next level. Check out a few of the hottest features in this video and below.

Industry-leading Innovations in Customer Experience Management

Optimize and automate; measure emotional intelligence; empower everyone with the right insight at the right time; and accelerate digital transformation with our latest release.

Automated Narratives graphic
Automated Narratives (Beta)

Learn how you can improve agent efficiency by automatically generating conversational summaries. Powered by Natural Language Generation, Automated Narratives can potentially save millions in the contact center by reducing after-call work.

emotional intensity dashboard screenshot
Emotional Intensity

Understand how passionately customers feel by measuring the strength or weakness of their expressed emotions. In addition to the 50+ emotions that Clarabridge can detect, you can now track emotional intensity to design appropriate customer responses.

map visualization example screenshot
Map & Network Visualization

Location analytics takes the guesswork out of where you should be focusing your efforts. Explore the relationship between topics through our new visualization. Recognize clusters that can be efficiently addressed together​ or pinpoint isolated problems.

connectors example screenshot
New Connectors

Analyze quality of service and agent performance across all of your customer service channels, including Clarabridge Engage, LivePerson, Salesforce, Bold 360 by LogMeIn, Oracle Service Cloud, eGain, Yotpo, and Gladly.

reason detection example screenshot
Reason Detection

Understand the reason behind key events in a conversation to cater best to customer needs.

empathy score example screenshot
Empathy Toolbox

Spot and quantify where agents are being empathetic and explore what prompted their empathy.

Dark mode example screenshot
Dark Mode

Experience the new beautiful dark mode that transforms CX Studio into a space that is comfortable for users who work in low-light environments.

Instagram Logo
Instagram Messaging & Instagram Shops

Engage and connect with consumers on these vital messaging applications.

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