Industry-leading Innovations in Customer Experience Management

Engage with customers where they are; seamlessly load and export data with new connectors; harness the power of Intelligent Scoring; and empower users with new tools for discovery and data visualization
with the Winter 2021 Release.

Example positive Amazon review
Respond to Ratings and Reviews

Use Engage to monitor and act on reviews on locations (such as Google My Business), app stores, and product review sites to drive customer loyalty. Respond directly to customer reviews, address their concerns, and demonstrate your dedication to closing the loop on the customer experience.

Qualtrics survey logo
Round-Trip from/to Qualtrics Surveys

You’ve brought Qualtrics surveys into Clarabridge for years. Now send Clarabridge enrichments like effort, emotion, sentiment, and more back to Qualtrics to automatically create cases according to your organization’s own defined criteria. With the Qualtrics outbound connector, you now can now close the loop on customer feedback with better insight.

winter 2021 product global reporting update
Optimize Intelligent Scoring Rubrics with Drivers

At the click of a button, add Driver recommendations to Intelligent Scoring rubrics. Drivers predict what aspects of interactions produce desired interaction outcomes. Score the behaviors that are most relevant to business outcomes to get the results you want more.

winter 2021 product release highlights model
Topic Model Viewer Widget

By popular request, you can now embed a view of category models directly in dashboards with the Topic Model Viewer widget. Control the included levels of the model, % Total represented, color coding nodes of the model based on enrichments, and more to visualize the structure of your models.

intelligent scoring criteria
View Intelligent Scoring Attributes in the Feedback Widget

The feedback widget now includes all Intelligent Scoring enrichments from Document Explorer, including a dedicated spine lane (BETA) and interactive context pane to view passes, fails and rebuttals. Quickly see examples of where agents did well or where they might need additional coaching. Toggle between multiple score cards relevant to a particular document or conversation.

Clarabridge Automations update
Trigger Automations on Case Updates

Automatically reply or trigger follow-up actions based on case updates in Engage, such as certain tags or customer responses. For example, a case tagged as Spanish language could trigger the action to automatically send a Spanish language CSAT survey. This feature can also be used to automatically resolve cases when a customer does not get back to an agent.

Five9, Verint, Zendesk Logo cluster
New Connectors! Zendesk, Five9, and Verint

Analyze more conversations from more sources. Directly, easily, and seamlessly load data from Zendesk chats and non-conversational tickets, as well as call recordings and associated call data from Five9. Load call transcriptions from Verint with Ad-hoc, File, and Clarabridge Link Connectors. Minimal fuss, minimal struggle, maximum value.

Polish flag
Support for Polish

Clarabridge is proud to add Polish as its 23rd language package! Analyze Polish feedback and interaction data natively with out of the box sentiment tuning and exception rules.

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